Alison Wheeler

Yoga has given me a place to be still, to be at rest even through movement. I have found I am more relaxed and centred since commencing my yoga practice. It has been a wonderful experience to have Sharon as my yoga teacher her wisdom and knowledge is outstanding and on a one on one situation she can tailor a class to you specifically on the day. So now my yoga practice flows with what I need. It is fantastic.
Yoga has given yet another way to explore who I am, not only does it benefit me physically but the benefits to my mind are countless. Sharon also always seems to know just the right words of encouragement which reflect where I am at in life. I love personal growth and development and yoga with Sharon has definitely been part of that journey. The great part is now my husband and baby girl join in as well, so it is a great family affair.

- Alison Wheeler (nee Noble), Personal and Executive Coach, Occupational Therapist



Helen De Zubicaray

Sharon loves yoga! Helen loves yoga. Sharon's prana vinyasa flow class, with its gentle flowing rhythm, is a delight to the senses. The sequenced program with its graceful movements in harmony with the breath is a complete mind-body experience. The imagery evoked by the poetic language and meditation at the end of class conjures up a delicious feeling of peace and tranquility. At my yoga class I am in my zone! Thank you.

- Helen De Zubicaray PhD



Amara Nazim

As a beginner, I found my private lessons with Sharon very informative and easy to understand. Yoga has given me greater flexibility and improvement in my posture, I hope to practice regularly at home with the assistance of refresher guides provided by Sharon at the end of each session.
Thanks Sharon for making each session so much fun!

- Amara Nazim, Queensland University of Technology



Lawrie Townsend

At the insistence of my weightlifting coach I reluctantly commenced a course of yoga with Sharon, presuming it was just a series of stretching exercises. I was initially a little skeptical, after all, stretching exercises are something that I prescribe daily as a manipulative physiotherapist. However, Sharon has taught me the value of breathing as an extension of sustained stretching and the value of breathing to control personal energy expenditure with its subsequent sense of relaxation and well being.
I am now learning to utilize these skills in everyday life. Sharon’s classes have not only restored some lost mobility through age but have given me some very valuable skills for competition and everyday life.

- Lawrence Townsend, Physiotherapist and World Masters Weightlifter



Ann Musgrove

After practising with Sharon for four and a half years, Yoga has helped me enjoy life more. Regular practice has encouraged a balance between body and mind, work and play and brought a calming influence into everyday life.
I have enjoyed a greater flexibility and increased fitness and motivation in other exercise that I do. Yoga has also improved my balance and strengthened core muscles, benefiting my posture and reducing strain to muscles. Incorporating the meditative aspects of yoga into everyday life has also helped reduce stress and anxiety. The calming practice develops tranquility, clear deep breathing and focus.
Sharon's classes have always been accommodating to all levels of practice, from beginners to those who like a challenge, and accommodating to injury and energy levels. After practice I always feel relaxed and energised.

- Ann Musgrove, University of Queensland



Debbie Bailey

I initially started yoga for exercise but have become aware of the meditative qualities of the practice which gives my mind and soul a much needed break from a very busy work schedule. I think that Sharon's style of teaching enhances these benefits because you are totally concentrating on the breath for your practice and allowing your movement to follow and your to-do list to drift to the back of your mind for 1 hour. I find the fluidity of her classes keeps my mind at rest while the physical aspects of the class can be quite challenging. For me it is a perfect combination of movement exercise and stress relief.

- Debbie Bailey, Physiotherapist, Action Physio