Frequently Asked Questions


What is Yoga + Meditation?

Yoga + Meditation are ancient, self-empowering practices that utilise a wide range of tools to enhance well-being and to maintain and restore health and vitality.  You may find the practice helps to lift your mood and improve your state of mind.  Yoga + Meditation are integrated approaches to personal growth and development.


Why practice Yoga + Meditation?  What are the Benefits?

Yoga + Meditation are NOT just for athletes, celebrities and supermodels!  It is available to everyone, irrespective of age, stage of life, gender, ability, belief system and cultural background

  • Even if you’re facing challenges in your life, it’s easy to get started and you will experience the instant benefits
  • Helps you breathe fully, deeply and easily.  It improves your posture, flexibility and well-being
  • Supports the functions of all the body systems, working your cardiovascular, nervous, lymphatic, endocrine, immune, digestive, reproductive, muscular and skeletal systems
  • Requires no fancy clothes and equipment. While a few props can make it more comfortable the only thing you really need is you!
  • Oh… and did I mention that it is FUN!


Are the classes for beginners or experienced practitioners?

They are suitable for everyone. There is no hierarchy between the variations of each pose (or asana).
Through the stages of progression, the classes are sequenced around the function and energy of the pose, allowing every student to find their own development that is appropriate for them in relation to the flow of life.

Athletes, corporate flyer, students and parents can access Yoga + Meditation to develop concentration and resilience to better manage their everyday life.


BUT … I am really tight and not flexible!

Come with a flexible mind.  You don't need to be physically flexible.
All you need is to let go, breathe, move and respect your limitations.


What if I have not exercised in a long time?

Before starting any form of exercise after a long break, it is advised that you contact your health practitioner for personal advice and a check-up before participating.


How often should I practice Yoga?

Ideally daily but you will still see the benefits when you commit to a regular practice.


How much are classes/personal sessions?

The group classes are $15.

Personal sessions are priced according to your needs and length of each session, please contact me to book a session.


What do I need for a class?

Wear something light and comfortable to stretch and sweat. Bring a mat, towel and water bottle. It is preferable to practice on an empty stomach but if hunger strikes, eat a light meal an hour or two before class.

Give yourself time to park, sign in and prepare for your class.